Statistics and information for Pligg Point, a <a href="" target="_new">Paradigm Domains</a> Website, is a content aggregator for and about various Content Management Systems, Blog Engines and Social Media Integration. We share links from many Online Support, Social Media, CMS, and Blog websites that are submitted by our Registered Users and approved by our Moderators.<br> <br> We also pull content from our own resources and other external websites.You are invited to participate and are welcome to submit Links of Interest to our visitors and articles including your own.<br> <br> Also, if we are pulling a feed from your website or blog, you may request editorial control of your feed items. We will setup our pulls from your site or blog under your current username. Please let us know what we might help you with as you promote your posts and website!<br> <br> Pligg Point is Powered by Pligg which is an open source content management system that lets you easily <a href="">create your own social network</a>. As a registered user here you may participate in groups, comments and other features found on this website.<br> <br> There are also several websites on sub domains of Pligg Point in development. These sites will cover subjects we find interesting set in a fictional location called Pligg Point. This fictional Pligg Point location will be based somewhere on the East Coast and provide a platform for stories outside of Pligg CMS where the sites may also showcase the abilities of the softwares involved. Should be very interesting!

July 01, 2019
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